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Helpful Epoxy Tips (and a Few Tricks)

In the fiber optic cable assembly process, working with epoxy generates a lot of questions. When I visit fabrication facilities, we discuss the finer points of mixing the material, loading syringes, minimizing waste, heat-treating crystallized epoxy, and more. For...

How to Accurately Measure IL/RL

Why is it important to measure Insertion Loss and Return Loss? It’s quite simple: Your customers demand it. Your customers need to know that you’ve tested every fiber optic jumper and cable and have acquired accurate IL/RL measurements that meet...

What Causes Poor IL/RL?

Authors: Chris Rollinson and Dan Rocheleau Most likely, your testing specifications present minimum requirements for a Low IL and High RL. If your production facility is challenged with meeting the desired IL/RL specs, there are common causes you can investigate...

Steps to Overcome Common APC Polishing Issues

How can you adjust your APC polishing process to modify characteristics of the geometry and achieve consistent accuracy? APC polishing issues could derive from problems with mechanics (materials or equipment) or the polishing process itself. When developing a...


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