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Letter from our Founder

FOC-nweissSince its inception in January of 1992, Fiber Optic Center, Inc. has provided fiber professionals and the fiber industry with only the highest quality components, systems and technology. Our supplier selection process begins with the long term commitment of the supplier to the product line. From there, we look for:

bullet_2 Strong, demonstrated quality programs in place
bullet_2 Innovative products
bullet_2 Aggressive new product pipeline
bullet_2 On-going technical support
bullet_2 Customer service

Fiber Optic Center, in turn, makes a long-term commitment to the supplier, and offers the entire product line, as opposed to cherry picking the largest selling or most popular part numbers.

The long term nature of the relationships with our suppliers often means that we have first hand knowledge and history of quality issues related to specific parts, and close relationships with individuals at all levels within the supplier’s company.

Because we do not manufacture any products on site, we do not perform our own quality testing. We are dependent on the manufacturer of the particular item to have appropriate quality procedures in place. Our certificates of conformance are based on corresponding certification from the manufacturer, rather than direct inspection in our facility. The suppliers of most products that we sell are ISO 9000 certified. When problems have arisen, formal Corrective Action Reports are completed, and recommendations are implemented by the supplier. The result is that we have few quality issues with the products we sell. For the few items where we actually do some value added work (e.g., loading adaptors into patch panels), we have written quality procedures and forms in place, and trained quality inspectors who are not the production people.

For particular customers who require quality procedures that go beyond our standard efforts, we have put in place the required steps, along with equipment and personnel as needed, to meet these specialized quality standards.

Please contact us if you have questions or need further information. Thank you for your consideration.



Neal Weiss

Founder, Fiber Optic Center