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Advanced Polymers for High-Tech Applications Choosing the correct adhesive for an application is critical and ÅngströmBond ® premium quality adhesives offer a wide range of solutions for any requirement.

Adhesives are often generalized and end up being used in the wrong application resulting in disastrous effects. One adhesive does not work well in all applications. ÅngströmBond ® offers its own line of single and multi component specialty adhesive systems as well as systems from your favorite adhesive manufacturers. Most material can be supplied in easy to use 2-part packets, premixed and frozen syringes or cartridges, jars, vials, quarts, gallons or other specialty packing as required.

The ÅngströmBond Solutions Center provides epoxy expertise through technical papers, content, best practices, weekly tips, FAQs, and a dedicated adhesives expert, Kelly Barker.


Featured Product: ÅngströmBond  9123

ÅngströmBond 9123

low viscosity, rapid curing two-part epoxy adhesive. It is designed for bonding and potting optical connectors, fibers, lenses, prisms and other optical components.  








ÅngströmBond  9123 is recommended for single fiber, single mode terminations, and if using a ramp cure schedule, is also an excellent choice for multi-mode terminations.  This high-strength epoxy has been engineered to have a high Tg and exhibits lower fiber pistoning properties over other epoxies and successfully passes GR-326 testing and Telcordia specifications..  It has excellent temperature cycling capabilities and will withstand high humidity environments.



Technical Paper

Crystallization in Epoxies:
How to Identify and Reverse It


Crystallization in epoxies is a common occurrence –and easy to remedy. If your production facility discovers a container of epoxy that appears cloudy or is nearly solid, there’s no need for concern.

In this technical paper, we hope to dispel the perception that crystallized epoxy is not usable or that its material properties are compromised. Crystallization indicates purity of product. The epoxies supplied by FOC are made with very pure resins, which can be more susceptible to crystallization.



Epoxy Questions & Answers

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If you have a technical epoxy question for FOC, please email your question to AskFOC@focenter.com and we will respond ASAP.   All epoxy Q&As remain anonymous.  In addition to replying, we post here.   Browse to see if your question has already been answered in the FAQs section above.


Requalification Support

Included with the ÅngströmBond Solutions Center resources, is an affordable process to qualify ÅngströmBond as a new adhesive supplier.  With proprietary chemistries, a dynamic product line, leading customer support and staff with technical depth and experience, ÅngströmBond can support a requalification effort to save time.  Contact Kelly Barker, Technical Manager for Epoxies at FOC directly to find ways to improve reliability and performance and find the product that best suits your specific application at email: KBarker@focenter.com





Our goal is to supply the best possible material for your application. By using ÅngströmBond ® supplied material, you can minimize the typical adhesive related problems outlined below.

Defective Epoxy

Wrong Epoxy for the Application

Incorrect Mix Ratio by Packager 

Incorrect Mix Ratio by User 

Expired Shelf Life

Use Beyond Working Life

Inappropriate Cure Schedule

Inadequate Packaging Affects Chemistry

Improper Storage (temp, light)

Incomplete Dispensing into Substrate

Inappropriate or Defective Dispensing Equipment

Improper Cleaning of Epoxy Work Surfaces

Skin Reactions (Dermatitis)

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Kelly Barker

Business Development, Epoxies, Technical Sales

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Mobile: 508-264-5600




Kelly Barker's Bio

Kelly Barker started her career in customer service, marketing and sales. Since then, she has been promoted to management positions in these departments, project management director, and new business development with a specialty in product line marketing strategy.

Kelly joined Fiber Optic Center, Inc. from PennWell Corporation where she spent more than five years in business development within various industries including Fiber Optics, Cabling, Connector, LED, Military and Aerospace. She has worked extensively with adhesive manufacturers on their product lines and applications within these markets.

Kelly graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Massachusetts Lowell with a BS degree in Marketing and Management and a minor in Legal Studies. She resides in Nashua, NH with her husband and two girls, Maizie and Audrey.


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2-Part Packets (bi-packs)

Small, 2-part packets promote minimal waste but are also key to ensuring proper mix ratios, as mix ratio is essential to epoxy performance. If the ratio is off by even a small amount, failures may occur immediately or at anytime during operation. All our packaging maintains a strict mix ratio of at least +/- 1%. Our packaging materials are also of the highest quality to ensure that the adhesives will remain consistent throughout their shelf life.

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Premixed & Frozen

Our premixed and frozen adhesives loaded in syringes or cartridges are accurately pre-weighed, de-aired and flash frozen, so you do not have to do it. All of these steps ensure maximum adhesive performance, while flash freezing guarantees the maximum working time. Using premixed and frozen adhesives greatly reduces the potential for errors, and the end result is simply a safer material that yields increased quality at lower costs.

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Epoxy Dispensing Machines

When using an automatic dispensing machine, further costs can be saved and product consistency improved with either the pre-weighed packets or the premixed and frozen packages. A system can be devised which can reduce operator variability to ensure the same amount of adhesive is injected each time. The unit will also decrease the repetitive motion that can sometimes lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Premixed and frozen can be packaged in an automatic cartridge that fits your dispensing machine, thus adding to your savings.