Flock Pile Abrasive & Cleaning Film

ÅngströmBrush™ CMP
Chemical Mechanical Polish Abrasive Flock Pile Film

The ÅngströmBrush CMP (chemical mechanical polish) system is an innovative system of polishing, that can polish irregular glass surfaces to a mirror finish consistently, time after time. This system uses an abrasive pad with 3-5/mm fibers coated with aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, and cerium oxide. These tiny fibers behave like a smaller, less aggressive abrasive, because they are allowed to move away from,

or around the work surface. It resists being torn by sharp objects that protrude from some work surfaces. When used in conjunction with our specialty cleaning pads, this system provides controlled fiber protrusion and excellent surface quality. Other polishing systems for creating protrusion on a glass-filled polymer ferrule are available that include the use of slurries with films.

Non-Abrasive Flock Pile Cleaning Film

ÅngströmBrush cleaning films can be used in between each polishing step or simply after the final polish step. The tiny fibers on these multiuse films help remove particles from the connector end face and decrease chances of cross contamination, thus increasing finish quality and overall process yield.

Product Description
Polishing films with Flock backing for MT connector polishing process. The flock piles coated abrasive powder can produce good performance for MT connector with or without polishing slurry.

Sheets, Discs and Rolls

CMP Chemical Mechanical Polish Abrasive Flock Pile Film
abrushcmpÅngströmBrush™ Non-Abrasive Flock Pile Cleaning Film










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