A new banner has appeared on our Fiber Optic Center (FOC) website home page to confirm that, in spite of current COVID mandates and travel bans, we continue to provide the technical support and partnership our industry has become reliant upon.

Virtual options offer both simplicity and adherence to deliver custom product demonstrations as well as NDA protected diagnoses, set up assistance, real time step-by-step process instructions, and more.

The same trusted Technical Team (Dan Rocheleau, Mario Goduco, Wayne Kachmar, Erwin Gelderblom, Rick Tumminelli, Larry Donalds, Chris Rollinson, Kelly Barker, Marcel Buijs, Giorgio Bonvini) is available with the latest virtual equipment, on our end, for anyone with an internet connection. Scheduling us to “be on the floor” or “in the office” with you, virtually, is as easy as filling out a quick form.

FOC virtual training lab and remote offices

FOC has both a physical lab, now a virtual training lab, and several remote offices all connected with cloud-based software to be able to deliver our technical environments hands-on training to any customer.

A majority of the FOC difference has always been the hands-on experience and we have been successfully providing this essential expertise during the COVID mandates to do our part to keep the industry moving forward. From equipment set up to troubleshooting to process instruction, FOC’s virtual training labs create hands-on instruction with close up screen share and focus.

The Process

The process to set up a technical appointment is the same as it always has been. There are three easy ways to make a request are:

  1. Call
  2. Email
  3. Submit a Form

The FOC Tech Team’s process is also unchanged:

  1. FOC identifies primary challenges and objectives.
    Before arriving at a location or beginning a virtual appointment, our first objective is being respectful of our customer’s time and expectations.
  2. FOC will schedule appointment
    The benefit of virtual is that we are able to be available to most customers at the exact time they need us with the travel times removed.
  3. FOC develops solutions for the appointment
    From here we develop a virtual learning strategy with the correct team member(s), equipment, agenda and information. Simple and straightforward navigation through both the platform and the content makes for a successful user experience.
  4. FOC works with you as your partner STILL!

Though the FOC online library is always available, our technical team will also offer specific articles to bookmark and highlight tips and information within them. Additionally, we can offer information from our gated technical papers and often set up additional appointments if needed for ancillary topics that arise.

Ben Waite
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