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Fiber Optic Center is an equal opportunity employer and offers its employees a work environment that is both rewarding and challenging. Our people are our greatest asset. We support them by offering a work-life balance and team effort for a high-performance culture.  FOC’s work is transforming the way that people live, work, connect, contribute and interact. Technical expertise and innovation is our passion.  Integrity in our daily business relationships and customer service is our foundation.

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For students who are interested in and motivated to acquire meaningful real-world experience. If you are seeking an opportunity to put your knowledge to work, add new skills and earn for your education

Please contact us to discuss your opportunities at FOC.



 For individuals looking to begin a career in our shipping, accounting, customer service, sales, or marketing departments. FOC provides the opportunity to work with the best in these fields.

Please contact us to explore entry-level positions at FOC.



For candidates with experience in all facets of cable assembly production: operations, field-service installation, quality system implementation, process development and engineering, troubleshooting, supply chain and factory management.

FOC technical staff members work closely with managers of high volume, high quality cable assembly houses in worldwide operations.  




To be the most knowledgeable and responsive company in the fiber-optic world, providing the most innovative, high-quality solutions with the best technical and customer support, and to explore other high tech solutions within the photonics and nanotechnology world

Fiber Optic Center Mission Statement

  • To listen to our customers and solve their problems
  • To have all the solutions for a Cable Assembly House allowing them to product the highest quality product at the most economical means
  • To provide and be on the lookout for the highest quality fiber-optic equipment and supplies
  • To build strong customer relationships through direct dialog and site visits
  • To understand the entire fiber-optic cable assembly process
  • To deliver a complete value-added solution with the best technical and customer support in the industry
  • To maintain inventory to meet customers’ delivery schedules
  • To empower employees to perform their daily tasks with ease
  • To use, and keep an eye out for, the most popular and useful forms of technology to disseminate to and gather information from the customer and for internal communication
  • To create a professional and family-friendly working environment with high quality of life for our employees
  • To forge a strong company with steady growth
  • To be a good neighbor within our community with engagement, volunteerism and respect 

Fiber Optic Center (FOC) is an international high technology sales, marketing, distribution, manufacturing and consulting company. FOC has several areas of specialization and expertise, in which they are the industry leader, making them the preferred choice for many of the world’s fiber professionals. In these key technology areas, FOC is “at least as technical as the manufacturer” about the products they sell. FOC also strives to “make the business part easy,” offering outstanding and personal customer service, low or no minimum purchase order values, and from-stock delivery on industry-leading products and technology. Their main focus is assisting cable assembly houses with supplies, equipment, consulting and technical support in the manufacturing and testing of fiber optic cable assemblies. FOC is the industry connection to the most innovative optical products, technologies and technical experts who integrate their manufacturing knowledge and vast experience into customers’ worldwide operations.

 FOC is always interested in employing detail-oriented, self-motivated, qualified individuals. Please contact us to discuss your opportunities at FOC. Contact


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New Bedford, MA 02740 USA