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Co-Op Marketing

Cooperative marketing at FOC combines our strategic marketing knowledge with our partner needs for custom programs and campaigns


FOC pledges to find new solutions to continually improve the marketing process and results for our valued partners. Our marketing reach includes targeted database and leads, industry tradeshows, technical and commercial publications and on-line sites, dedicated promotions, data and specification sheets, customer relationships that include decision makers in key high tech industries & fields, new search capabilities through keywords and SEO and a new monthly e-newsletter.

What is cooperative marketing?

Cooperative marketing is an agreement to combine marketing efforts, creating effective and mutually beneficial campaigns.

Resource sharing is a significant reason to cooperatively market.   Marketing can be a large expense for many businesses. Sharing that cost allows companies to invest in marketing at a more reasonable cost, which in turn allows them more time to focus on the actual running of the businesses.

FOC has a marketing team with expertise in:

  • Business Development - over twenty years in the industry working with sales department objectives
  • Online strategy - experience and training from the top experts
  • Market planning - KMI Research background and understanding of analysis reports
  • Promotion best practices - direct experience and training from the leading industry media houses
  • Standard operating procedures - background in SOP development
  • Social media development - ongoing training with the top industry experts
  • Global strategy - over twenty years global business development and marketing experience
  • Graphic Arts- over thirty years education and experience in graphic arts and professional photography
  • Trade Show Strategy - twenty years developing strategy and planning within this industry

The FOC Marketing Team looks forward to working with you

and your custom marketing needs.

CO-OP Marketing Contact

Kathleen Skelton
Director of Strategic Marketing
Direct: 508-717-8393
508-992-6464 with ext. 8393

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