The new Universal Cure Oven is designed to maximize productivity when curing epoxy on single and multi-fiber connectors. The Universal Cure Oven utilizes a modular carrier tray for efficient assembly and loading of up to 24 MT connectors or 48 single fiber connectors at a time. The Universal Cure Oven also has the most consistent thermal pattern in the industry for superior cure results.

Universal Cure Oven benefits:

  • Specifically designed for MTP/ MPO connector epoxy curing with the tightest thermal pattern in the industry.
  • Maximum temperature 140° C
  • Will cure connectors in either horizontal or vertical position.
  • Utilizes carrier trays for EZ loading and maximum productivity.
  • May be configured to hold almost any style connector.
  • Available in 120v or 240v configuration.
  • CE Rated
  • Increases productivity for superior yield results.


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