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FOC promotes/sells the Viavi Sidewinder but I have heard that some people are using and happy with the Sumix Manta.  Do you also sell that or know the differences between them?



FOC has selected the Viavi Sidewinder with our first-hand knowledge and history of actual processes with each piece of cable assembly line equipment.   Though we do not sell the Sumix Manta, we have knowledge and information that helped us to base our conclusions.   

Manta W+  does have some features that users will find appealing (wide FOV, fast autofocus and test, look and feel of the instrument).

Additionally, there are some issues with usability (testing SM MPO often misses fibers, testing MM MPO is not repeatable, inspection results can be manipulated by malicious or accidental user behavior, can inspect only a limited variety of MT-based connectors).

Manta W+ is an expensive, high-quality microscope with good imaging and fast acquisition, but it has poor analysis.

The FiberChek Sidewinder is the industry’s first “all-in-one” handheld inspection and analysis solution for multifiber connectors such as MPO. The latest addition delivers a completely automated solution to inspect and analyze every fiber of an MPO or other multifiber connectors with industry-leading reliability and speed.

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    Answered by AskFOC Technical Team August 20, 2018



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