Do you have epoxy information in the form of a matrix?



FOC does have a Single Fiber, Single Mode and Multimode terminations matrix that can be found in the BLOG ARTICLE:  Does epoxy cause core cracking? Tips to identify and prevent this phenomenon. 

That matrix includes epoxy products by color, viscosity (cps), durometer, Tg (°C), work time, cure schedule and notes.

Additionally, FOC has the ÅngströmBond Solutions Center that provides epoxy expertise through:

  • technical content, best practices, weekly tips
  • dedicated adhesives expert to help meet Individual customer needs
  • specialty stock materials or high-tech custom epoxies in custom package sizes
  • FOC developed ÅngströmBond, the only specialty adhesive line developed exclusively for Fiber Optics

The ÅngströmBond Solutions Center will meet Individual customer needs by offering specialty stock materials or high-tech custom epoxies in custom package sizes. One featured adhesive solution is the ÅngströmBond 9123 product which successfully passes GR-326 testing and Telcordia specifications.







  Answered by AskFOC Technical Team June 17, 2019



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