Do you have feedback from actual Phenix fibersect customers on their real experiences with this cleaving option?




Here’s what a few Phenix fibersect customers have confirmed:

Customer A:  “The people on our assembly line were not intimidated by the Phenix fibersect. In fact, they were happy to use it – just insert the ferrule and push the button. The laser cleaver was loud, complicated, and intimidating. The laser cleaver cost more, smells more, and required more maintenance. When the people on our assembly line were no longer required to use the laser cleaver, no one wanted to!”

Customer B:  “Every cleave you make is practically identical. The polishing process is a lot more uniform, because the part that’s coming to the process is more uniform.”

Customer C:  “Soon after starting to use the Phenix fibersect, one of our large customers required us to qualify our cables with a third-party provider. The only way to maintain this qualification is by having more automation and fewer variables in our production process, which the fibersect has allowed us to do.”







  Answered by AskFOC Technical Team March 16, 2018




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