How can we figure out ideal fiber height for a fiber optic connectors?



In reality, there is no ideal fiber height. I recommend aiming for a target fiber height of +/-20 nanometers.  I have personally pursued the question – What is the ideal fiber height? – by conducting a series of tests. I created connectors with different fiber heights and subjected them to environmental testing to analyze the connectors’ performance. This included temperature testing between 80 degrees centigrade (176 degrees F) and -40 degrees centigrade (-38 degrees F).

Based on my first-hand, environmental testing of the declination of the ceramics under pressure and under temperature, I recommend targeting a fiber height of +/-20 nanometers. This means you can go down to -20, hover at zero, or go as high as +20 nanometers. This target spec offers a tolerance of 40 nanometers. This enables your cable assembly facility to produce high-quality devices without being restricted by extremely tight tolerances that result in low yields.


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  Answered by AskFOC Technical Team October 18, 2018


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