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How can we minimize epoxy material waste and reduce costs?



Recommendations to adjust your epoxy process, which can minimize material waste and reduce costs

Here are two ideas to alter your epoxy-related production process. These process adjustments may help you reduce epoxy waste, streamline your process and, ideally, fabricate a higher-quality product.

  1. Add another operator – As soon as your operator mixes Part A and Part B of the epoxy, he or she is essentially playing a game of Beat the Clock to use the material before its pot life expires. Therefore, it’s vital that the epoxy process be highly organized, swift, and efficient. One way to improve efficiency is to have two operators on your production line, simultaneously dispensing epoxy. Both operators would fill their syringes from one 4-gram package, which offers a lower price per gram. This approach could minimize waste, reduce your epoxy cost, and streamline your fabrication process.
  2. Freeze the unused epoxy for future use – Let’s say you purchase 2.5-gram packages of epoxy and typically use 1½ to 2 grams of each package. The remaining epoxy goes to waste. Here’s an idea: Purchase 4-gram packages (at a lower price per gram), mix and use the epoxy as you normally would, then freeze the remaining epoxy for later use.



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  Answered by AskFOC Technical Team  January 16, 2019



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