How do we decide which passive component tester to purchase?



The passive component tester (PCT) – must be correctly configured by the seller to support your product requirements.  Start by answering these 7 foundational questions. This will help prepare you to order a PCT with the right test set configuration for your fiber optic product.

  • Question 1. What type of fiber will you test: single mode, multimode, or both?
  • Question 2. What type of connectors do you have?  
  • Question 3. How many channels will you need?
  • Question 4: Is the ability to test Return Loss (RL) required?
  • Question 5: Will you measure Insertion Loss (IL) individually per end – or measure total Insertion Loss?
  • Question 6. Which measurement wavelengths do you require?
  • Question 7. What does the future hold?


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  Answered by AskFOC Technical Team November 1, 2018



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