How do you ensure proper bond line thickness?



Plan to test your bond line thickness – and other epoxy processes – to ensure they are optimal for your application.

Remember this rule of thumb: “The application dictates.”

When developing a new process, engineers often undergo multiple steps to ensure proper bond line thickness. They evaluate parts under a microscope, test them, and may even ship parts to their end customers for testing in the application. If you’re implementing a new process, it could take weeks – or months – to fine-tune an epoxy process that achieves the required adhesion and performance.

If your process is set and you are changing epoxies, recognize that the properties of the new material are different. For example, if you previously used 2 mils of epoxy, you may need to adjust bond line thickness due to the new epoxy’s material properties. Also, take the time to understand the needed cure time for the new epoxy. Don’t assume you can swap out epoxies without testing and adjusting your process – it’s not apples to apples.


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  Answered by AskFOC Technical Team October 15, 2018




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