How much is enough or the right amount of epoxy in the connector?



The answer is dependent on internal connector design, fiber diameters, epoxy type and application methods.

For detailed information on internal connector design, the fiber diameters that play an important role and the critical choice of epoxies.

Fiber Optic Center can help answer this by understanding the variables and can provide a unique service to customers. Beginning with intensive training on assembly termination and taking the variables into consideration, Fiber Optic Center will provide cross sectioning of the fiber optic connector to determine epoxy amount/volume, location and movement. This cross sectioning service, although destructive provides the manufacturer with a clear pictorial of what exactly is going on inside their connectors.

For detailed information on:

  • internal connector design
  • fiber diameters that play an important role and
  • critical choice of epoxies

READ THE FULL BLOG ARTICLE HERE: Assuring the correct amount of Epoxy is in the connector





  Answered by AskFOC Technical Team November 12, 2018


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