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I need information on cleaning and repairing TOSA/ROSA devices.  Is this something you can help them with?   



We have done design work on the TE transceivers in the past.  Depending on the internals you are able to clean (more or less). There are in fact two types, ferrule based or molded based.

The ferrule based internal parts you can clean with the standard swabs/sticks you use when cleaning adapters in panels etc.

The molded parts are more difficult to clean. Due to the z-direction alignment in the adapter there is a stop where the ferrule need to reference to. That makes the cleaning even harder because the diameter is smaller than the ferrule diameter. In this area is often the collimating lens to concentrate the in- or out coming light into or out of the fiber. There are special swabs which are able to clean the ‘sleeve’ alignment part of the transceiver but also have a center piece (tip) that is able to touch the collimating lens and clean the lens surface without leaving any residue or scratch the lens surface. Do not use IPA at this surface, only ferrule cleaning fluid that evaporate quickly and leaves nothing!

Most suppliers of the molded optical housings for the transceivers have special cleaning instructions, and specify the ‘profile’ of the cleaning tip, the method and fluid to use!

We suggest you look for the cleaning instructions based on your molded optic supplier.  If you can find and share the specified cleaning tip, FOC can supply them.


  Answered by AskFOC Technical Team May 30, 2017


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