Is there a way to avoid wasted epoxy?




Given that 2.5 grams is the smallest size that is practicably achievable, FOC recommends saving any extra epoxy in a secondary dispensing container (like a syringe), frozen -40°C.  -40°C essentially stops the curing reaction and will work for a period of ~ 6 months (please verify for the epoxy you are working with).

The small quantity is easily cooled and reheated for later dispensing.  This approach can be tailored for very small applications by mixing a 2.5 gram bi-pack, using immediately what is needed for the application and using the extra epoxy to fill the right amount of syringes for freezing and later dispensing.  Any secondary packaging operation needs to be done expeditiously since any time the epoxy spends at room temperature is time spent curing, and diminishing any future available work time.


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  Answered by AskFOC Technical Team June 7, 2018



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