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We are a small fiber optic cable assembly house, presently making single fiber, FC and LC jumpers.  We plan to expand into multii-fiber Cable assemblies, with up to 24 fibres.  We will need an instrument to measure multi-channel IL and RL both for single mode and multimode, bench space will be at a premium, so an instrument with a small footprint that can measure both with only one keyboard, mouse, barcode scanner and display screen would be appreciated. What can you do ?



The Viavi MAP200 Passive Component Tester can be configured to meet your needs.

The 7 slot chassis, can house IL/RL modules for both SM and MM along with 24 channel switches for both SM and MM, all at the same time

Only one set of one keyboard, mouse, barcode scanner and display is required, the user just selects measurement module and switch as required, either both SM or SM.

Here is additional information on MAP200: https://focenter.com/foc-article-multiple-application-platform/


  Answered by AskFOC Technical Team December 14, 2017


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