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Our epoxy is curing differently and has a different color. Can I use it?



Color variation from batch to batch is a non-issue. Since epoxies are manufactured in batches, the raw materials used by manufacturers to synthesize the epoxy are subject to small variations. These slight variations in raw materials can result in mild color variations.

About the curing difference….  while it is possible for a batch of epoxy to be faulty, this is very rare. Most likely, this points to some variation in the epoxy that is allowed by the epoxy’s specification. Again, epoxies are manufactured in batches, with specified manufacturing windows for viscosity, work time, and other parameters. This means the final product can – and probably will – show some variation from batch to batch. What happens if your cable assembly process has been very specifically tailored to a given batch of epoxy and a new batch has slightly different properties? This slight variation might result in an unwelcome disruption to your production process. However, minor process adjustments can solve the issue and, happily, make for a more robust process.  Read my article to learn how.


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  Answered by AskFOC Technical Team May 8, 2019



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