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AskFOCrotatorgraphicQUESTION:  I have a question about the AB9112 Epoxy, what is the proper storage method? In the datasheet, under section 7:Handling and Storage, it doesn’t really specify the proper storage of the epoxy. We had a couple epoxy packs that went grainy before it’s due date, are these still usable? Would storing them in a fridge prevent this?

ANSWER:  Thank you for reaching out to us.  The AB9112 should be stored according to the Storage recommendations on the attached data sheet.

In regards to a couple packs appearing grainy, this may be crystallization.  Here is blog on the subject of crystallization and how to heat treat to remove it and use the epoxy, but I have also pasted the treatment method below – https://focenter.com/crystallization-in-epoxies-steps-for-you-to-spot-it-and-fix-it/

  • Crystals can be eliminated by increasing the temperature of the liquid resin to about 50°C (about 122°F) until all signs of the crystals are gone. We suggest checking the material at 10 minutes, at 20 minutes, at 30 minutes, and at 1 hour. Typically, it takes only 20-40 minutes to eliminate crystals and fully return the epoxy to a clear liquid, but it could take several hours. (Note that this low-temperature heat treatment does not damage the epoxy or impact its material properties. Also, the epoxy won’t cure, because you have not yet mixed the material.)
  • Allow the resin to cool to room temperature, then proceed to use normally. It can be stored in its original packaging for later use.

Here is also a link to a white paper if you wanted to look into this topic further. https://focenter.com/crystallization-in-epoxies/ 

crystallization-in-epoxiesCrystallization in epoxies is a common occurrence –and easy to remedy:  If your production facility discovers a container of epoxy that appears cloudy or is nearly solid, there’s no need for concern.  In fact, in this technical paper, we hope to dispel the perception that crystallized epoxy is not usable or that its material properties are compromised.  Crystallization indicates purity of product.

Please let me know if you can do the treatment and if you have any questions.  If you find that this is something else, please let me know and we can look into it further.

SM6AskFOCIcon   Answered by AskFOC Technical Team November 8, 2016

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