Should we check for crystallization? Do we need to adjust our inspection process?



Yes, here at Fiber Optic Center, we strongly encourage all our customers to actively look for crystallization in epoxy, since it’s a common occurrence. To avoid production delays, we recommend incorporating the following steps into your process:

  1. Inspect upon receipt – When you receive the material, conduct an initial inspection. As noted above, if you discover crystallization, check your entire stock and heat treat all crystallized epoxy at the same time.
  2. Store properly – Ensure your epoxy is stored according to the datasheet’s recommended storage temperatures. (Note that crystallization can occur while properly stored.)
  3. Inspect prior to use – Train your production line employees to inspect the epoxy prior to use. If crystallization is found, you’ll need to heat treat that epoxy before use.


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  Answered by AskFOC Technical Team July 8, 2019




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