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We manufacture specialty optical preforms and fibers and are looking for solutions to our strength and deposition issues. 

Can you help with that challenge?



Fiber Optic Center does offer preform fabrication consulting services to manufacturers of specialty optical preforms and fibers.

Proper tube cleaning and flame polish can prevent strength and deposition issues.  This and other tips are covered in the blog,  Attention specialty fiber manufacturers: Take advantage of FOC’s preform fabrication consulting to troubleshoot your system and achieve reproducibility and high yields.

Larry Donalds, FOC consultant, offers guidance for selecting the right MCVD fabrication system for your needs, post-installation troubleshooting to meet exacting product specs, developing custom solutions, training personnel, and writing standard operating procedures (SOPs). A unique and particularly valuable service is Larry’s troubleshooting expertise to overcome the many preform fabrication and fiber draw issues manufacturers face when producing specialty optical fibers.  





  Answered by AskFOC Technical Team January 16, 2018



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