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What is the best way for doing a wet to dry cleaning process using a mechanical click cleaner and cleaning fluid?  We purchased Stickler MicroCare from you.



The best way to do a wet to dry cleaning is to use a minimal amount of the cleaning fluid. A small amount of cleaning fluid is all you need to effectively breakup and loosen any end face contamination from the ferrule end face. That same small amount of cleaning fluid is also all you need to increase the local humidity levels for totally eliminating an electrostatic charge.

You will want to start by applying a small amount of the cleaning fluid to an optical grade clean wipe. Be careful not to over-saturate the wipe.  The next step is to take the tip of the mechanical click cleaner and touch it to the wet part of the wipe. You want to apply a small amount of the cleaning fluid onto the cleaning strand. The wet the section of the cleaning strand is what will make the initial contact with the ferrule end face. The final step is to insert the cleaner into the adapter if you are cleaning an in bulkheads connector.

After you clean the in bulkhead connector, you need to inspect and clean the connector on the cable assembly to prevent cross contamination. You will want to repeat the step of touching the cleaner’s tip into the wet part of the wipe. This will reapply a small amount of cleaning fluid to next section of the cleaning strand. The final step is to attach the end cap onto the barrel of the cleaner, insert the connector into the end cap, and engage the cleaner.






  Answered by AskFOC Technical Team WITH the Sticklers MicroCare Corporation Team May 4, 2017



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