What are the advantages of SMA connectors over others?




There are advantages that SMAs have, which are not shared by their more modern and recent connector style cousins:

  1. Doctors are familiar, and comfortable, working with SMAs on lasers and other medical equipment,
  2. There are many more accessories available for the SMA than any other connector: mating sleeves/adaptors in half and full lengths, in a variety of threadings, nuts and materials; device receptacles sized to take several standard “can” (LED, laser and detector packages) configurations and dimensions; hardware for positioning on optical benches.
  3. Testing assemblies is largely limited to visual inspection and insertion loss, limiting time and expense related to test equipment,
  4. Almost 40 years of reliable experience in a tremendous variety of applications.

Although the SMA connector is part of ancient history in the fiber industry, it nevertheless remains a relevant and key enabler for tomorrow’s instruments, products and procedures which use specialty fibers.

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  Answered by AskFOC Technical Team November 28, 2018




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