What are the concerns with automation in the optical fiber industry?



One of the concerns with automation in the optical fiber industry is that you want a stable technology.  Again, fusion splicing serves as a good example: when companies began using fusion splicing (as opposed to other methods of permanent termination) that process became very stable.  Whether factory or field splicing, they are using the same equipment and stability.  The point is that while one process was developed (fusion splicing) the process equipment continued to upgrade and add more features but the core process did not change.  We had one process, initially very operator sensitive that due to the advances in generic robotics and manufacturing automation allowed automation. An example from a different industry is the assembly of automobiles.  For decades, auto manufacturers have robot welded unibodies together. This stable technology successfully automated a major non-stable step in the manufacturing process


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  Answered by AskFOC Technical Team July 18, 2019



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