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ASKFOC_web2-QUESTION:  I need a really strong bond.  What is the absolute strongest adhesive you have?  




Modern adhesives are pretty amazing, and people do seem to want to rely on them more and more.  But it is important to know that epoxies are NOT primary fasteners.  Primary fasteners are hardware devices that mechanically join two substrates together – like a bolt, clamp, clip, any threaded fastener like a screw, threaded insert, etc.  They are immune to temperature swings and moisture – the ban of much chemistry, and the Achilles heel of epoxy.  If you are relying on a critical joint not to fail, epoxy is probably not the way to go.

Also, it is a misconception to think that strong joints require ‘strong’ adhesives. Good adhesion is all about the surfaces involved.  Adhesive failures usually happen at one of the surfaces – not within the adhesive itself.  This is where cleanliness of the surfaces prior to bonding is critical.  Also, the amount of surface area devoted to the bond, a decreasing piece of real-estate in ever-more miniaturized packages  – needs to be adequate.  The best adhesive and cleaning won’t work if the bond area is too small.


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