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What is the recommended minimum bond line thickness?



A general guideline for minimum bond line thickness is between 25 to 150 microns (1 to 6 mils) – as a starting point. I recommend you choose a certain level to start, then make a few thicker and thinner versions of the bond. Take time to inspect completed bonds carefully to learn how a bond can fail, evaluate the performance for your application, and adjust bond line thickness as necessary to achieve a quality bond.

For every application, bond line thickness depends on:

  • The geometry of the bond area
  • The substrates being bonded
  • The material itself (the epoxy’s chemistry can dictate a specific minimum bond line thickness)
  • The temperature cycling the bond will need to survive
  • Proper surface preparation (improper cleaning can negate adhesion)
  • The cure time and method of cure
    • Bond line thickness and curing time go hand-in-hand to achieve sufficient adhesion and performance. Carefully review the epoxy manufacturer’s datasheet, including any charts showing bond line thickness versus cure time for the various curing methods.



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  Answered by AskFOC Technical Team February 13, 2019




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