What are the biggest issues you hear technicians face with the buried ducts and does fiber blowing options correct those?



Fiber blowing requires fairly straight ducts with close to full passage. Luckily, many blowing jobs work fine, but technicians often face problems with the buried or relined ducts. Problems that are not directly visible as they are hidden beneath the surface of the ground.

A situation occurring repeatedly is when cables get stuck in buried microducts. Time is money, and digging-up is even more money. For obvious reasons everyone would wish for ducts always lying perfectly in the ground. Unfortunately that is not always the way things are in real life.

In those situations, we often see operators trying to force cable and machine beyond maximum to avoid digging-up. Eventually this will usually result in a broken fiber cable. Many factors can influence the situation.  


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  Answered by AskFOC Technical Team June 27, 2018



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