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Which package size of epoxy is right for my process?



I often encourage my customers to consider purchasing 4-gram packages of epoxy – if this size supports their process. Briefly, here’s why I recommend the 4-gram package:

  • Higher production quantities – Your facility can produce more connectors or cable assemblies per 4-gram package.
  • Better value – In the 4-gram package, you get more material at a lower price per gram.
  • Less material waste – There will always be a certain amount of material clinging to the epoxy package that cannot be squeezed out. If you can use one 4-gram package instead of two smaller packages, there will be less material waste, which contributes to cost savings.
  • Less packaging wasted – Using one 4-gram package instead of two smaller packages means you are throwing away less plastic and other packaging materials. It’s always good to be kind to our environment!

Every production facility is unique, and your choices are determined by your facility’s goals and your individual process. Over the long run, any process adjustments you can implement – such as the ideas I’ve mentioned in this article – can help to reduce costs, streamline your process and, ideally, fabricate a higher-quality fiber optic cable assembly.


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  Answered by AskFOC Technical Team March 7, 2019




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