New Bedford, MA, USA, February 4, 2020– Fiber Optic Center, Inc., (FOC), an international leading distributor specializing in helping their customers make the best cable assemblies in the world, announces Technical Discussion schedule at SPIE Photonics West February 4-6, 2020, San Francisco, CA

Fiber Optic Center Booth 3120 will host the following Technical Discussions with their leading experts over the three day event.

February 4, 11:00am: Material options and OKP Optical Plastic best practices. Presented by: Kelly Barker, Specialty Product Technical Expert

How the ÅngströmLink Resource Center can you help you in 2020 with the latest material options and OKP Optical Plastic best practice information, including:

  • Latest trends of injection moldable optical plastic with a refractive indices of 1.61, 1.63 and 1.64
  • OKP plastics molding process improvements
  • New options for the 1.64 refractive index material with extremely low birefringence

February 4, 3:00pm: What is an SMA connector and why do we care? Presented by:  Neal Weiss, Founder of Fiber Optic Center             

  • What is an SMA connector and why do we care?  Points include:
  • Who needs a fiber optic SMA today?
  • What are the advantages of SMAs?
  • Considerations for using non-standard fiber sizes
  • FOC’s stock on the shelf of SMA connectors in over 40 holes sizes from 127 to 2645 um, volumes 10 to over 20,000

February 5, 11:00am: Laser vs Mechanical Cleaving MT/Single Fiber Roadshow. Presented by FOC Technical Team

  • Laser vs Mechanical cleaving 101s
  • Do low profile cleavers reduce lapping film?
  • Is Laser cleaving suitable for every assembly operation?

February 5, 2:00pm: Standard Polishing Procedures. Presented by FOC Technical Team

  • The Polishing Center will include materials, equipment, methods (Product specification requirements dictate the polishing methods) and discussions on environment including temperature and cleanliness factors that impact the polishing process
  • Proper Care of Polishing Fixtures for Optical Fiber Polishing Machines
  • This discussion will include proper maintenance of polishing fixtures, steps to clean and additional tips

February 6, 10:30am: Testing Thursday: 7 foundational questions to prepare you to order a PCT with the right test set configuration for your fiber optic product. Presented by FOC Technical Team

  • Insertion Loss/Return Loss module, which contains light sources and a detector
  • switch module, from 4 to 48 (or more) channels
  • chassis to fit the above modules, either 3 or 8 slots

Attend a Discussion while at Photonics West by visiting Fiber Optic Center at Booth 3120 or email Kathleen for scheduling a different time with our technical staff at:

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