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New Bedford, MA, USA, June 30, 2020 – Fiber Optic Center, Inc., (FOC), an international leading distributor specializing in helping their customers make the best cable assemblies in the world, announces the appointment of Richard Tumminelli as Fiber Design and Manufacturing Consultant, Rare Earth Doped Optical Fiber Fabrication Expert.

Mr. Tumminelli recently retired from the position of Director of Engineering at the Coherent fiber site in Salem, NH, and has been working in the field of rare earth doped optical fiber for 40 years. Prior to this position, he managed the specialty fiber group at JDS Uniphase, specializing in double clad fibers for fiber lasers and erbium doped fiber. Richard also held positions in the optics group at Draper Laboratories, and was a member of the Polaroid fiber optic team under the direction of Dr. Elias Snitzer, which did much of the seminal work in rare earth doped fibers, fiber lasers and amplifiers.

Rick Tumminelli is a co-inventor of double clad fiber laser pumping, has been granted 22 patents and has 20 publications in fiber lasers and amplifiers.

FOC continues to build its powerhouse team by adding respected leaders like Rick Tumminelli to its expanding dynamic staff. Rick joins Larry Donalds, and his 35 years of experience with 3M Company, on the FOC preform fabrication consulting services team to work directly with manufacturers of specialty optical preforms and fibers on meeting specific customer applications and performance criteria.

In order to advance their mission to be the industry’s preferred preform fabrication consulting resource, these two respected leaders strengthen the 28 year partnership FOC has had with SG Controls Ltd with a full team of both the extensive process knowledge with engineering and software expertise and the full range of leading equipment and tools for the manufacture of Preforms and Optical Fiber.

Regarding the addition of Mr. Tumminelli, FOC Founder Neal Weiss said, “Makers of specialty fibers have stressed to us the need for quality individuals with the knowledge and experience to solve specific research and production issues. Such people exist, but most are forbidden from helping anyone but the companies who employ them. FOC is able to provide services from experienced individuals, like Rick, who have been there and can provide hands-on as well as book learning. Those who have worked with Rick over the years are now able to tap into his experience and improve their own results. We are pleased to have Rick on board, and several of our customers have already requested a meeting to see how he and we can be of help.”

Specialties of this team include Fiber Optic Draw Towers for Research & Development, Polymer Fiber Draw Towers, Fiber Optic Draw Towers for High Volume Production, Soft Glass Fiber Draw Towers, MCVD Systems for Preform Production, Proof Test Equipment and Rewind Systems, Gas bulk storage cabinets, Process gas driers, Specialized gas handling systems, Fiber Measurements, Rare earth doped fibers/process development using MCVD and halide precursors, Rare earth doped preform measurements and Rare earth doped fiber measurements.

After investing time with each of the members of FOC’s technical staff, including Wayne Kachmar, Rick will have a seamless transition into FOC’s daily technical focus and strategies.

About SG Controls Ltd.

SG Controls Ltd, combines extensive process knowledge with engineering and software expertise to produce a full range of tools for the manufacture of Preforms and Optical Fiber. Established in 1979, SG Controls, together with the pioneers of optical fiber research in the UK, refined preform production systems and developed the fiber draw process. The Fiber Optic Industry evolved, became worldwide and SG Controls played a significant role in the supply of optical fiber manufacturing equipment together with important process knowledge to all countries investing in this highly specialized fabrication process. Research and development continued using in house facilities and today, SG Controls still supplies, upgrades and services equipment around the world.

Rick Tumminelli
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