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Fiber Optic Center, Inc. knows optical fiber inside out: literally true.


FOC is one of handful of companies in the world that can supply a turnkey factory and all key and ancillary equipment for the manufacture of specialty and standard communication optical fiber. We have installations at key government labs, universities, and established manufacturers in North America who are producing unique fiber designs repeatedly and meeting the needs of high tech companies worldwide. FOC has the most experienced technical staff in the areas of production set up, installation, termination process, test, measurement, optimized equipment layout as well as polishing films, epoxies, and specialized materials. This amazing staff is now available to our customers, in addition to their in person support, through the launch of Ask FOC where you can ask technical questions and get the answers direct from our technical staff. Moving out from the raw fiber itself, FOC has a thorough knowledge of cable handling equipment and cable designs, and which cable is best for particular installation conditions.

FOC is your SMA Connector Resource

Thorough knowledge of the legacy SMA connector,
which is still used in specialty (non-communication) applications,
such as medical, sensing, spectroscopy, military, research,
laser delivery, industrial, lightguide and other applications.

FOC’s strongest technical area is in the manufacturing and testing of fiber optic cable assemblies, also known as patch cords. FOC is the only company in the world that can supply every piece of equipment needed to strip the cable, dispense and cure the epoxy, polish the terminated connector and perform all three kinds of testing: optical, geometry and visual inspection. In addition, FOC supplies all consumables needed to keep production going at the highest levels: epoxy, polishing films and cleaning supplies. Perhaps most important, FOC has a staff of experienced production people who set up and install all of the equipment on site, provide and demonstrate a working termination process with high first pass yields, and optimized equipment layout. Often this on-site work is done at no cost to the customer, and follow-up support is available by email and phone, and sometimes in person.

One result of this support is a very steep learning curve on the part of the customer. Without this support, it can take 3 – 6 months or more to develop and optimize a termination process, and in the meantime cable and connectors are trashed, consumables are consumed (ha ha), labor time is wasted, deliveries are missed and customers go elsewhere to find an assembly house who already knows what they are doing.





Ben Waite

Executive Vice President
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