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Fiber Optic Center Viavi MAP

Still known by most as the JDSU MAP, the Viavi (formerly JDSU) Multiple Application Platform (also known by its nickname MAP-200) is an optical test and measurement platform optimized for cost-effective development and manufacturing of optical transmission network elements.  That is a mouthful.

Basically, today’s rapidly changing optical market requires investment in productivity-enhancing technologies and tools.   The ‘MAP’ is a scalable test platform and the right tool needed in even the most stringent environments.

There is a fair amount of documentation out there to educate someone on the key benefits, applications and basic user product information.  Some PDFs are on the Viavi website, some still cached on the JDSU pages and some on the technical partner sites like ours at Fiber Optic Center.

FOC thought it might be helpful to share some top tips that are not currently on the datasheets and documentation being googled.  Our test and measurement experts explain, highlight and answer questions to these top points:

  • Do your production workers only have two hands?
    FOC can help - The Viavi (JDSU) Passive Component tester can input product serial numbers with a USB bar code reader and initiate measurement with the tap of an USB foot pedal.
  • Automated Length Measurement
    With no speed penalty, the PCT measures fiber length during IL/RL jumper measurements, but this facility can also be useful to see remaining length on a fiber reel.
  • Fast - The Passive Components Tester can measure the total insertion loss, fiber length and individual return loss at each end for a 12 fiber cable in less than 15 seconds.
  • Ultra Stable
    Launch power, RL backscatter and temperature monitoring enable compensation to ensure accurate and repeatable measurement, simply the best there is!
  • Port Mapping, with MPO and similar multi-port connectors using loose tube construction is becoming more common, assembly errors seem likely to increase. (I have built 5 MTP jumper and got 20% of them wrong). The Viavi (JDSU) Passive Component tester can map input to output port routing on a 48 channel connector in 2 seconds.
  • Very small footprint:  A 4 wavelength, 12 channel Bi-Directional system takes up less than a foot width of bench space. A 12 channel Bi-Directional system with both SM and MM is less than 20 inches wide (19 inch rack sized)

Many of these come from the field.  FOC has a staff of experienced production people who set up and install all of the equipment on site, provide and demonstrate a working termination process with high first pass yields, and optimized equipment layout. Often this on-site work is done at no cost to the customer, and follow-up support is available by email and phone, and sometimes in person.

Based on the previous-generation Multiple Application Platform (MAP), the MAP-200 builds on the differentiation of offering the broadest portfolio of modules in the densest and most configurable platform.

The MAP-200 is optimized for test applications in lab and manufacturing environments ranging from insertion loss testing to dispersion penalty testing.

Have specific questions about the MAP?  Send your technical questions to and our test experts will respond ASAP.

More information on the MAP-200 8-Slot Mainframe can be found here:
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