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Defeating Bubbles

Perhaps one of the most maddening things about a mixed material is entrained bubbles.  Depending on how you mix, you may entrain none, or a ton of them.  You want to stab them, push them and blow on them.  Anything to break them.  But in many photonics applications...

Epoxy Removal Methods and Strategies

Epoxy is a permanent adhesive.  When properly chosen for your application and substrates, and properly cured, it will form a strong, permanent bond.  At times though, you may find that you need to recover bonded parts or clean parts to remove excess cured epoxy.  So...

The Conundrum of Epoxy Temperature Storage

When working with epoxies and adhesives, there are several consistent areas that beg for clarity.  FOC knows because we generally field those questions and concerns.  Among the top of that list are: Room temperature storage best practices Storage methods and...

FOC’s step-by-step making a difference many places

Fiber Optic Center, Inc. (FOC), is known for being the industry experts on making the best cable assemblies in the world through our unique step-by-step process but through the FOC Corporate Citizen program of volunteerism and community support, the company takes many...

Adding color, pigment to UV curable coatings

From time to time, FOC has been asked to recommend a pigment that can be safely added to UV curable coatings as well as offer advice about what ratio of pigment to coating is acceptable without compromising the integrity of the coating. As communicated by our...

Controlling the optical fiber preform deposition process

The lathe, rotary seal, optical pyrometer, deposition burner, and diameter control system all must work together to successfully manufacture a preform. In the following paragraphs, I offer recommendations based on my years developing and manufacturing specialty...

Preparing to Manufacture an Optical Fiber Preform

Purchasing high-purity raw materials is critical to manufacturing quality preforms. How we handle our materials, tools, and equipment is equally important. For example, properly purging gas cylinder connections, properly filling reagent bubblers, and properly cleaning...

FOC Marketing Tip 12: Social Media Navigation

Social Media Navigation When it comes to social media and the business marketer, it is a wide landscape to navigate.  Just participating on everything because you are not sure which networks are the right fit is not strategic.  Social networks have the benefit of both...


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