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How to Accurately Measure IL/RL

Why is it important to measure Insertion Loss and Return Loss? It’s quite simple: Your customers demand it. Your customers need to know that you’ve tested every fiber optic jumper and cable and have acquired accurate IL/RL measurements that meet...

What Causes Poor IL/RL?

Authors: Chris Rollinson and Dan Rocheleau Most likely, your testing specifications present minimum requirements for a Low IL and High RL. If your production facility is challenged with meeting the desired IL/RL specs, there are common causes you can investigate...

Steps to Overcome Common APC Polishing Issues

How can you adjust your APC polishing process to modify characteristics of the geometry and achieve consistent accuracy? APC polishing issues could derive from problems with mechanics (materials or equipment) or the polishing process itself. When developing a...

What is an SMA connector and why do we care?

The first connector to be accepted as a widely used standard in the early days of the fiber optic industry, in the late 1970s, was designed by Amphenol in CT as a variation of their coaxial electrical connect known as...

It’s a lot like Teflon

Where can I get a little bit of Teflon?  AngstromLink AL-2233 is basically that. A Teflon-like polymer dissolved in an evaporative solvent.  To get a thin layer of ‘almost -Teflon’, make a thin layer of AL-2233 and let the solvent...

Wayne Kachmar’s Are we ready for change?

As published on Technical Horsepower Consulting’s website As I look at both the trade show booths and the poster papers from OFC and reflect back on what I’ve seen this year versus the past few years, I believe that we...

Fiber optic network in giant scale

Published in the December 2014 FREMCO FIBER NEWS NEWSLETTER Two million meters of fiber cable ensures communication paths at the New University Hospital in Aarhus. About 400,000 square meter under roof will house ”The New University Hospital in Aarhus” when...

Avoid Fiber Blowing Challenges Hidden in the Ground

Published in the June 2015 FREMCO FIBER NEWS NEWSLETTER It is common knowledge that fiber blowing requires fairly straight ducts with close to full passage. Luckily, many blowing jobs work fine, but technicians often face problems with the buried or...

Polished Connector Geometries, APC – Part I

Understanding and controlling end-face geometry characteristics of PC ferrules is fairly simple and intuitive.   A radius is……a radius.  And if you want to increase the radius of a ferrule, you simply need to polish with less pressure, or use a...

Blowing Fiber in Existing Infrastructure

Published in the June 2015 FREMCO FIBER NEWS NEWSLETTER North America has gained more appetite for fiber networks. After tentative efforts, one of the three largest tele companies in Canada has succeeded in offering fiber to the home - especially...


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