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FOC Marketing Tip 6: SOP Development

SOP Development What is a SOP and why is it vitally important to any business?  SOPs are Standard Operating Procedures and is a written procedure with agreed upon specifications intended for repetitive use as a best practice. For the employee,...

FOC Marketing Tip 5: Promotion Best Practices

Promotion Best Practices I was asked for some thoughts on promotion best practices recently. It is possible to get deep into this subject – one that I love to analyze and constantly develop - but sometimes a quick check list...

FOC Marketing Tip 4: The Dilemma of Online Strategy

The Dilemma of Online Strategy Online or Digital Marketing Strategy can feel overwhelming with multiple options to match with perpetual corporate goals.  There is also a lot of information available with the ‘answers’ to the perfect Digital Marketing Strategy that...

FOC Marketing Tip 1: Branding Matters

One of the 101s of Marketing is Branding, and today we kick off a series of tips with it, followed by these topics (one each day): Building Relationships through Solution and Consultative Selling Marketing Objectives vs. Actions: Identifying Where...

The Glass Transition in Epoxies

The glass transition, Tg, is the temperature at which cured epoxies go from being rigid and glassy to being rubbery and more flexible.  Most of us think of cured epoxies as being pretty hard (Shore D) materials; and they are,...

Why Do Scratches Appear After Using the Final Film?

Two of the most frequently asked questions from fiber optic cable assembly operations are: “How do scratches appear?” “How can we keep scratches to a minimum?” When we receive these questions from a customer, we usually request a visual image...

Keeping with the Founder’s Vision

Taking stock on our 25th anniversary: As Fiber Optic Center moves into the future, we will build on our strong foundation to provide enhanced support to customers and suppliers   As Fiber Optic Center celebrates its 25th anniversary,...

FOC 5 Core Principles of Customer Service

These are times of positive change at Fiber Optic Center, Inc. (FOC) and with change comes opportunities and aspirations.  This is my first official blog as the Customer Service Department Manager and going forward I will be sharing FOC CS...

Why isn’t there one standard polishing procedure?

This blog is authored by the FOC TEAM including: Marcel Buijs, EMEA Business Development, Technical Sales; Erwin Gelderblom, EMEA Business Development, Technical Sales; and Dan Rocheleau, Business Development, Technical Sales   In a perfect world, there would be...


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