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twaiteThis is the first Friday that I am introducing one of my team members through the new FOC Customer Service Blog.   I am excited to introduce Naomi Holden who will be celebrating her 9 year FOC anniversary this August.

Coming from a background in customer service, Naomi jumped right in and has been a superstar ever since.  We are thankful to have her.

Although Naomi supports customers all over the world, she is our resident expert on shipping to Mexico, Central America and South America which can, at times, be particularly tricky.


We know, frholdenom our customers, that Naomi is a favorite FOC customer service person to work with.

She is compassionate, professional, empathetic, nurturing and interesting.  True.  Here are some enlightening facts about Naomi that we would like to share back with our customers…



To begin, here is a photo of Naomi’s office at FOC so now you can picture where she is when you are working with her (note the plants for future reference).


Naomi shows compassion, in the business day, for all that our partners and customers are dealing with.  Much of this experience comes from a foundation in her personal life that includes being a member at two animal rescue associations (where she contributes consistently), volunteering for Wounded Warriors Project, and sponsoring children globally. She, personally, has two Shih-Tzus, one Shih-Tzu/Jack Russell mix and a cat that is the biggest one of that group.

Her professionalism, in the written form, began early with spelling bee championships and both high school teachers and college English professors telling Naomi that she should follow a career path in writing.  An internal joke is that at that time she wasn’t sure if she would be able to make a living with a major in English and now works with and for those who did just that!  Though she doesn’t like to advertise this fact, she still writes poetry to this day.

Most business professionals realize that corporate empathy often comes from the home and for those who know Naomi, know that her home and life is all about her daughters Kelcey and Shelby, and husband Peter.

And then the nurturing side which we see in the daily business relationship building can be connected to Naomi’s passion for gardening that has been expanding every year for almost a decade now.

Though she is the go-to person for complicated global shipping knowledge at FOC, she is a classical pianist, an avid reader and tennis player for relaxation on her personal time.


Join us in wishing a congratulations to Naomi on nine years next month.

In future blogs, I look forward to sharing more about my team members and our philosophies.

Check in on our blog page on Fridays or follow me on Twitter for the next FOC Customer Service blog.

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