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J1, (and if fitted) J2
Laser source outputs, SM or MM.

Jabbering, Jabber
The continuous transmission of meaningless data, usually due to a failure of some sort. The network slows tremendously when burdened with this excess traffic.

A receptacle used with a plug to make electrical contact between communications circuits. Jacks and their associated plugs are used in a variety of connecting hardware applications including adapter, information outlets, and equipment connections. A connecting device into which a plug can be inserted to make circuit connections. The jack may also have contacts which open or close to perform switching functions when the plug is inserted or removed. See also: receptacle.

1)An outer covering, usually non-metallic, mainly used for protection against the environment.  2)The outermost layer of insulating material of a cable or wire. (MIL-STD)

The outer jacket of a cable, which can be made from a variety of materials including but not limited to HDPE, MDPE, PVC, et. al.

A screw attached to one half of a two-piece, multiple-contact connector and used to draw both halves together and to separate them.

Jackscrew (Screwlock)
A screw attached to one half of a two-piece multiple contact connector used to draw and hold both halves together and to separate them. (MIL-STD)

JAN Specification
Joint Army-Navy specification (replaced by current Military Specifications).

Japan Digital Cellular (JDC)
A digital cellular standard developed by NTT of Japan, operating in Japan at 800 and 1500 MHz.

Joint conditioning time
The time interval between the removal of the joint from the conditions of heat or pressure, or both, used to accomplish bonding and the attainment of approximately maximum bond strength.

Joule (J)
A unit of work or energy equal to 0.7375 foot-pounds. A joule is a measurement of energy. The joule rating on a surge protector indicates the amount of energy that a device is capable of absorbing. In general, the higher the joule rating, the better the unit is able to protect equipment.

An assembly of twisted pairs without connectors used to join telecommunications circuits/links at the cross-connect. In fiber optic cable the cable that has connectors terminated on both ends.

Jumper Cable
1) A short flat cable interconnecting two wiring boards or devices.  2) A coaxial cable terminated at each end with a coaxial connector and used to interconnect two electronic devices.

Jumper Wire
A short length of Connectorized copper wire used to route a circuit by linking two cross-connect termination points. PVC insulated connectors twisted together and used for cross-connecting on distributing frames.

A point in a circuit where two or more wires are connected.

A natural fiber of plant base formed into rope-like strands. Used in cables for filling the interstices to give a round cross-section.

Jon von Neumann Computer Network
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