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Radio spectrum in the 18GHz to 27GHz range used by satellite communications systems.

Radio spectrum in the 27GHz to 40GHz range used by satellite communications systems.

DuPont® Company registered trademark for Polyimide film.

Mechanical arrangement of guide pins and sockets, keying plugs, contacts, bosses, slots, keyways, inserts or grooves in a connector housing shell or insert that allows connectors or the same size and typw to be lined up without the danger of making a wrong connection.

Kellems grip
Wire, aramid or synthetic mesh that is placed around the cable to be installed, intended to provide positive pulling power. Also known as pulling or mesh grips.

DuPont trade name for aramid material (see Aramid Yarn).

A short pin or other projection which slides in a mating slot or groove to guide two parts being assembled. Generally used in round, shell-enclosed connectors to prevent mating wrong connectors and to assist in polarization.

Connectors in which the plug and adaptor are fixed in alignment to prevent rotation and physical fiber endface damage.

Mechanical arrangement of keyways, inserts or grooves in a connector shell or insert that allows connectors of the same configuration to be used without the danger of interconnection to the wrong mating connector.

Keying Plug Contact
A component that is inserted into a cavity of a connector housing or inseert to assure engagment of identically matched components.

Keying Signal
The video signal that is used to delete that portion of the background signal that is to be replaced with another video signal.

A slot or groove in which a key slides. (MIL-STD)

Kilo (k)
Numerical prefix denoting one thousand.

A term denoting one thousand cycles. (See Kilohertz)

Kilohertz (Khz)
One thousand cycles per second.

Kilometer (km)
Unit of measure for length equal to 1000 meters and about 3,281 feet.

1,000 volts

1,000 watts

Sharp bend in a wire rope that permanently distorts the wires and strands

An abrupt bend from which a wire strand is not easily resorted to its original condition.

See Consignment. 

Radio spectrum in the 12 GHz to 18 GHz range used by satellite communication systems.

A Dupont trademark for a fluorocarbon insulation rated -65°C to 135°C.
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