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A series of four separately insulated conductors, generally twisted together in pairs. Also, a series-parallel combination of transistors with increased reliability because failure of one transistor will not disable the entire circuit.

Quad Fiber Cable
A type of fiber optic cable that has four single cables enclosed in an extruded jacket of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), with a rip cord for pulling back the jacket to access the fibers.

Three-bay machines which can twist four wires together and cable braided and shielded wires with varying lay lengths.

Commonly known as a passive WDM, this transceiver package performs four multiplexing or demultiplexing functions. Used in 10 Gigabit OLTs when coexisting with legacy PON systems.

An abbreviation of quadraxial, a concentric cable having a center conductor, two intermediate conductors, and an outer shield, all separated by insulation.

Qualification test
A series of tests conducted by the procuring activity, or an agent thereof, to determine conformance of materials, or materials system, to the requirements of a specification which normally results in a qualified products list under the specification.

Quality of service (QoS)
A measure of the telephone service quality provided to a subscriber.

Quasi-single-strand chain
a chain that comprises constitutional units joined to each other through one single atom on only one of the units. Quasi-single-strand chains are not single-strand chains, but they can be named in the same manner. (IUPAC)

Quick Disconnect
A type of connector or splice which permits rapid locking and unlocking of mating parts.(MIL-STD)

Quick stick
Also known as quick tack, finger tack, initial adhesion, wet grab -- the property of a pressure sensitive adhesive which allows it to adhere to a surface under very light pressure; it is determined by the ability of the adhesive to quickly wet the surface contacted.
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