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There are 38 names in this directory beginning with the letter U.
U-Matic Format
A format commonly used in ENG (Electronic News Gathering) and industrial television.

UHF Connector
Coaxial connector with screw type coupling mechanism. Non-defined impedance. Frequency range DC to 300 MHz. Also known as a PL-259 Connector.

Ultimate Adhesive
Maximum adhesion available from a pressure-sensitive adhesive, determined by the force necessary to remove a strip of tape from a surface after an extended period of time.

Ultimate elongation
Elongation at failure.

Ultra High Frequency (UHF)
A Federal Communications Commission designation for the band from 300 MHz to 3,000 MGz (3GHz) on the radio spectrum.

Ultra physical contact (UPC)
The spherical endface polish of a ferrule and fiber that is performed on a polishing machine to reduce reflections. Typically 55 dB return loss.

Optical radiation for which the wavelengths are shorter than those for visible radiation, that is approximately between 1 nm and 400 nm.

Ultraviolet (Fiber Optic)
A range of electromagnetic waves in the non-visible spectrum, with wavelengths from 10 to 400 nm (shorter than visible light).

Ultraviolet Degradation
The degradation caused by long time exposure of a material to sunlight or other ultraviolet rays containing radiation.

Ultraviolet Light (UL)
Part of the light spectrum. Ultraviolet rays can cause chemical changes in rubbery materials.

Umbilical Connector
A connector used to connect cables to a rocket or missile prior to launching and which is unmated from the missile at time of launch. (MIL-STD)

Unbalanced Circuit
A transmission line in which voltages on the two conductors are unequal with respect to ground, i.e., a coaxial cable.

Unbalanced Line
A transmission line in which voltages on the two conductors are unequal with respect to ground (e.g., a coaxial cable).

According to Telecommunications Industry of America (TIA), a negative protrusion where the fiber optic is lower than the endface of the connector within the ferrule.

Underfilled Launch Condition (ULC)
When a laser diode in a Gigabit transmission system only fills a small percentage of the fiber core.

Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL)
A nonprofit laboratory which examines and tests devices, materials and systems for safety, not for satisfactory operation.

Underwriter�s Laboratory (UL)
A nonprofit laboratory which examines and tests devices, materials and systems for safety, not for satisfactory operation.

Measuring in one direction, could still be Dual MTJ.

Same as Point-to-Point communication

Officially called the Unicode Worldwide Character Standard

Unidirectional Concentric Stranding
Stranding where each successive layer has a different lay length thereby retaining a circular form without migration of strands from one layer to another.

Unidirectional Stranding
A conductor stranding configuration in which all layers have the same direction of lay.

A conductor with more than one layer of helically laid wires with the direction of lay and length of lay the same for all layers.

Unilay Strand
A cable conductor constructed with a central core surrounded by more than one layer of helically-laid wires, with all layers having a common length and direction of lay.

Unilay Stranding
A conductor constructed in bunch form having more than one layer in a concentric stranding with a common length and direction of lay and contains 19, 27, 37 and any number of strands.

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
An auxiliary power unit providing continuous power to a telephone system in case commercial power is lost.

Unitube cable
This type of cable has a large central tube in which the fibers are grouped using color-coded binder thread. Unitube cables are physically smaller than stranded-type cables. Also known as central tube or LXE cable.

Universal Digital PCS (UD PCS)
An alternative system proposed by Bell Communications Research (Bellcore) for in-building cordless-phone service.

Universal Service Ordering Code
A wiring standard for telephone service to an individual phone. In a modular plug, the two center conductors are the primary pair, and supplementary pairs radiate out concentrically. For example, in an RJ-45 (eight pin) plug, pins 4,5 are the primary pair with pins 3,6 - 2,7 - 1,8 forming the supplementary pairs. Note that this is not compatible with TIA/EIA 568-A�s recommendation of T-568A or T-568B.

Universal Systems Bus (USB)
A bus for transmitting data between computing devices. Rated at 11 Mbits per second, it offers about 100 times the throughput of a Serial bus.

Cable that is not protected from electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference by a metal sheathing.�

Unshielded Twisted Pair Cable
Normal copper building cable, capable of high-speed data transmission. Techniques exist to address the signal impairments due to the transmission characteristics of copper media and to limit the radiated emission of UTP media.

UPC (Fiber Optic)
A term describing a specific fiber optic contact polishing protocol (process), yielding improved return loss.

The transmission of an RF signal from an earth station to a satellite.

A family of polymers ranging from rubbery to brittle. Usually formed by the reaction of a di-isocynate with a hydroxyl.

User network interface (UNI)
The user end of an access network, similar to an ONU but not necessarily optical.

UV adhesive
Ultraviolet adhesive hardened by the use of ultraviolet radiation. Normally date coded.

UV connectors
Connectors manufactured with a clear body and ferrule to allow the curing of ultraviolet adhesive, bonding the fiber optic inside the ferrule.
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