When it comes to assessing the quality and condition of test cables, first ensure the test cable’s connectors are clean. Next, take a close look to ensure they are in good condition. Keep in mind that both connectors and coupling sleeves don’t last forever. They will degrade with use, and it’s not just scratches and pits. Sliding surfaces wear out. As the fit becomes loose, alignment will suffer.

How many matings can a test connector undergo before it should be replaced? It would be nice to have a definitive number to work with. However, it’s difficult to give a definite answer as it depends on the type and quality of the connectors and the skill of the operators.

Suppose replacing all the test cables and couplers restores your gold-standard product to the previous good measured values. This is useful information. Take a minute to determine approximately how many matings these particular test cables have undergone. What number did you arrive at? Now you know how many couplings are too many!


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