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When setting up a new bonding process and establishing the curing schedule OR in your production process are experiencing fiber movement and need to adjust curing temperature or time, please find this FOC TIP to help validate your curing schedule:

The starting point:

Always start with the epoxy manufacturer’s recommendation for time and temperature.

The optimum schedule may vary, depending on your application.

Whatever curing schedule is selected, adhesive testing (as described in Telcordia GR-326, discussed in the FOC blog article, Best practices to validate your epoxy curing schedule) will help to ensure the selected schedule is sufficient for your application.



Bonding Optical Fiber to the Ceramic Ferrule SERIES:

November 2017:  Part 1: Best practices for epoxy preparation and dispensing

December 2017: Part 2: Best practices to characterize oven ports used to thermally cure epoxy

January 2018: Part 3: Best practices to validate your epoxy curing schedule


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