Some insight when it comes to changing a connector supplier…..  let’s discuss a singlemode SC connector for first example:

Starting from the point that the SC is an industrial standard connector, everyone knows that it is standardized on the connection point, meaning that all other area’s like the inner-housing, ferrule size and ferrule shape, housing color, backside and strain relief boot are custom to the manufacturer.

From Our FOC TIPS series, a tip on the backside:

Backside: traditionally SC connectors were accommodated with 3-3.5mm OD cable to withstand the IEC/Telcordia cable pull tests.

With the introduction of the smaller LC connector, that accommodate typically smaller OD’s like 2.0 or 1.6mm, the SC connector needed at many manufacturer a re-design to accept 1.6/2.0mm cables.

A critical eye on the backside design is needed to match it with the right cable manufacturer, taking the jacket thickness and the amount of Kevlar in consideration.


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