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The most direct method to de-gas an unfilled epoxy is to centrifuge.  After mixing the epoxy (i.e., in the bi-pack), transfer the epoxy to the final dispensing container, usually a syringe (don’t forget the tip cap).  Add the piston to the syringe to capture the epoxy, bubbles and all, in the syringe.  Spin the syringe in a centrifuge at 1000 to 3000 RPM for 2-3 minutes.  The bubbles will collect into one air bubble in the barrel of the syringe, against the piston.

I recommend leaving this air bubble alone and keeping the syringe in the vertical position (tip down) after centrifuging.  Depending on the length of the applicator tip, the air against the piston will never actually get dispensed.  If you think you must get rid of this air, a long dissecting needle can be used to create a small air gap between the piston and syringe inside wall, to effectively purge this air bubble and reseat the piston further into the syringe.

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