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Outer jacket.  This flexible insulating material is also called a sheath, typically a soft plastic material.

  • On single-fiber cables (as diagramed above), this jacket OD is usually 2-3mm in diameter, and can be stripped using common wire-strippers of the appropriate gauge.
  • When selecting the proper wire-stripper gauge, it is important to consider the layer underneath (in this case, the Aramid Yarn):  you do not want to damage any of the yarn fibers, as they play an important role in connector tensile strength.
    • After removing the Jacket, observe the Aramid Yarn fibers at the strip point.  Are they damaged?  Are any of them cut?   Even a small % of cut fibers will significantly reduce finished-product pull-strength.  If you see cut yarn fibers, likely you need to use a larger gauge wire stripper.
  • The edge of the jacket, after stripping, should be cut clean—not torn or ripped.


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