If your values are not within standard deviation, possible causes include:

  • The interferometer adapter for the connector housing (not for the ferrules) does not hold the connector housing properly. This can happen when the adapter is old, because the metal parts will wear over time. Make sure the connector housing is properly inserted into the adapter.
  • Not using a connector housing adapter on the interferometer. This is a must for APCs. If it’s missing, all Angle, Apex, and Key Error values will be invalid.
  • The ferrule is rotating within the connector after polish. Because the spring is somewhat compressed during polishing, the ferrule is pushed back from its seat in the connector body. Typically these connector parts are plastic and do not offer exact tolerances. Sometimes they hold the ferrule in a slightly different rotational position than when polishing. You can try pushing down on the ferrule several times to compress the spring a bit, so it will settle within the connector. Then re-measure and see if the Apex and Angle values have improved.
  • The fixture keying is worn. This can happen if the keying is made of plastic, and the fixture is old. We recommend you replace these parts, if possible.


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