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A way to de-gas is to vacuum the bubbles out of solution.  This is generally best applied to materials that are in open containers, with good surface area exposure to the interior vacuum space and plenty of extra room in the container for expansion of the bubbles before they collapse.  Hopefully you have a strong pump that can create a vacuum of at least 29 inches of Hg quickly. Applying and breaking the vacuum expands and contracts the bubbles in the mixture, eventually breaking the surface tension of the bubbles.  Once a mixture is bubble free, it is important to realize that every time you pour or transfer the mixture, there is a new opportunity to entrain bubbles again.  So it makes sense to degas mixtures, if possible, in the containers that will be used immediately for dispensing.

If you don’t have a centrifuge, or a vacuum pump, there are still ways to defeat bubbles.


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