Old Lyme, CT – November 1, 2017 – FiberQA, an innovator and manufacturer of automated fiber optic test equipment based in the United States, announces  study by Lockheed, Cinch and Fiber QA to be presented during AVFOP 2017.

November 7-9, 2017 the FiberQA team will be heading to New Orleans for the Avionics and Vehicle Fiber-Optics And Photonics Conference where they will be presenting a paper based on the critical study, “Measuring Fiber End Face Inspection Microscope Reproducibility using Chrome on Glass Artifacts”.

Measuring Fiber End Face Inspection Microscope Reproducibility using Chrome on Glass Artifacts is written by Charles DiSaverio (Lockheed), Chris J. Wilson (Cinch), and Doug Wilson (FiberQA).

Paper presentation time is November 9, 2017 at 11:30 AM at AVFOP.  If you are unable to attend  AVFOP, you’ll be able to read a brief overview and download the paper once it has been presented. Check out the full session schedule online for more info.


The FiberQA sales team will also be providing live demos on a FastMT and debuting the industry’s first automated probe-style fiberscopes with BUILT-IN CLEANING! The AVIT-RH and AVIT-BP are lightweight and compact enough to fit into tight spaces onboard planes and ships. The long-working-distance optics allow operators to inspect and clean installed fiber optic connectors without removing or disturbing surrounding line cards. Gone are the days of inserting an unreliable, unstable probe that are labor intensive and slow. From manufacturing to installation to maintenance, FiberQA’s FastMT and AVIT systems keep fiber optics mission-ready with fast, reliable inspection and cleaning.

For more information  (800) 473-4237 / 508-992-6464 or by email: sales@focenter.com


About FiberQA

FiberQA is the industry’s most innovative developer of automated fiber optic inspection and cleaning systems. We have created, developed, manufactured, and patented automated test equipment for use in Mil-Aero, Telecom, and Datacom companies worldwide.

FiberQA product lines include: FastMT, the fastest fully automated desktop fiber scope on the market; FastCLEAN automated end face cleaning tools; and AVIT integrated inspection & cleaning systems that process multiple connectors in a fraction of the time.

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