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When the “back-side” connector end-face is contaminated, it is difficult to have access to remove the connector for cleaning
In nearly all installation situations----in a patch-bay on an equipment rack, in a termination junction box, on the faceplate of electronic equipment----access to one of the connectors of any mated pair is very limited.  If this “back-side” connector end-face is...
Ways in which the end-face can become contaminated along the way
When a manufacturer inspects an end-face, it is immediately capped afterwards with a plastic dust cap, and (theoretically) this dust-cap is never removed again until immediately before it is plugged into its final installation location by the installer. ...
Installation and Cleanliness: It Counts
In any mated pair of fiber optic connectors, the cleanliness of both fiber endfaces plays a major role in the performance of the mated pair.   Obviously and intuitively, anything that prevents light from passing freely from one fiber into the other (such as...
Re-cleaning a connector after installation
If you are an installer, or planning an installation, of fiber optic cable-assemblies----keep in mind the cost and pain that can be (and almost always IS) involved in re-cleaning a connector after installation.   Avoiding system testing delays, degradation...
Ensuring connector end-faces meet industry standards on end-face cleanliness (ex. IEC 61300-3-35)
When planning and purchasing cable-assemblies for any installation,  it’s recommended to verify from your supplier that they provide connector end-faces that meet or exceed industry standards on end-face cleanliness (for example, IEC...
End-faces capped until final installation
Question:  When a manufacturer inspects an end-face, is it immediately capped with a plastic dust cap that is not removed again until it is plugged into its final installation location by the installer?  Answer:    Yes and in theory, this ensures connectors will be...
Mating a clean ferrule end-face to a contaminated ferrule end-face will result in contaminated end-faces
Mating a clean ferrule end-face to a contaminated ferrule end-face can only result in two contaminated end-faces, and a very good chance of permanently damaging / scarring the smooth glass end-face of both.   Cleanliness, as we know, counts.  Luckily we...
When clean end-faces should be inspected at the installation site
QUESTION: I am pretty sure we are being provided clean end-faces, but should we be inspecting them at the installation site? ANSWER: It is always highly recommended to visually inspect the connector end-faces at the installation site, immediately prior to installing...
Specific routines for fiber optic network installation
QUESTION: Is there a specific routine for fiber optic network installation? ANSWER: When a fiber optic network is installed, a specific installation routine must be followed in order to have a quick and error-free operational network. It’s helping to keep this phrase...
When it is worth re-cleaning a connector after installation
QUESTION:                                          Is it worth...

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